The Whole Truth – In Kindle!

In I, Radical I have attempted to tell th “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say, about how the C12 Group, LLC started as an anointed idea, grew by God’s provison and grace, and has become America’s leading provider of CEO/Owner roundtable services to Christian CEOs and owners. The early response has been hugely gratifying. Readers have shared their encouragement and enjoyment of the account of my journey from agnosticism to faith to today. I am excited to share today that I Radical is now available on Kindle for $3.99. For you Kindle users jusst click on the Amazon button and select Kindle. Be blessed! Yours in Christ,...

Rising From the Ashes! Really!

In I, Radical I make the statement that “I will always have all I need to do all God wants.” What He wants is His will in and for our lives. Over the years some have questioned such a bold and starightforward claim. I realize that it is bold but the fact is that it is based on two pillars; one fairly reliable, and the other totally certain. The “fairly reliable” pillar is the testimony of personal experience and that of many others. It has been my experience for over 40 years but that’s not a really long time and I’m not at the end of my race yet. God may leave me hanging out to dry and I may be shown to be a fool. But I’m not in the least bit worried about that. I have read the biographies of many others who have trusted God and their testimonies...

It’s Here! “I, Radical – The story of a radical God’s work through an ordinary man” is now available!

About four years ago I was prompted to think about the difficulty of trans-generational transfer of faith. Reading in the Old Testament about the problems that many of the Kings and prophets had with some of their sons got me started. It’s not a given you know, actually the record is not that good. (Think David/Absalom) And then I thought I heard God whisper, “What about your grandchildren Buck? How are they going to know how I changed your life?” As I reflected on the question I realized that two of my three daughters and all of my grandchildren had been born after Jesus had saved and changed me and, if nothing happened, they would never hear the story of the change that Jesus made in my heart and life, let alone the miracles He’s done to provide and lead me in...

How far down is far enough?

America! How far down the slippery slope must we go before you wake up? How many times does the empty suit in the White House have to back off, back down, sell out, kiss up, lie, cheat, or set one class against another before you wake up? You bought a dream that was a mirage and worse a deliberate deception. Don’t you care? Are you really for sale for the empty promise of a free lunch? Well the chickens are coming home to roost. Wake up!...

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